About Islay

The weather

The Gulf Stream helps to ensure Islay’s climate is mild compared with mainland Scotland, with average summer temperatures of 16°C. However, the island is susceptible to strong winds and gales that whistle in from the Atlantic at speeds of more than 100mph, although snow and frosts are relatively rare on the island.

The driest months (and a good time to visit Islay) are April, May and June. Islay receives 50 inches of rain every year, double that of London, with January and October the wettest months.

  • Last updated

    24 September 2021 07:52
  • Coordinates

    55°44'10.7"N, 006°10'37.6"W
  • Temperature

    14.4°C 57.9°F
  • Wind

    W at 15 MPH
  • Humidity

  • Pressure

  • Visibility

  • Daylight hours on Islay in January

    7 hours and 9 minutes
  • Peak temperature on Islay (August)

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