Visiting Islay

Buying Whisky on Islay

One of the main attractions on Islay is being able to buy the whisky you love from the people who made it. All the distilleries have their own shops, with many offering distillery exclusives. At Bowmore and Bruichladdich, you have the opportunity to bottle your own whisky straight from the cask, while at Laphroaig you can bottle your own whisky if you go on its premium tour. 

Outside of the distillery shops, the main place on Islay for finding interesting bottle is The Islay Whisky Shop in Bowmore. It stocks an interesting range of independently bottled Islay whisky along with some old and rare bottles. The shop can be found on Shore Street. 

Some of the other small shops around the island stock some bottles and it is always worth popping into them in case you find a long-lost gem.

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