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Limited Edition

A single vintage from the 1990s matured in a batch of 4 bourbon casks. Originally a travel-retail exclusive, Br3 continues to demonstrate the atypical Islay character of whiskies from this distillery. Well aged, having been produced before the current owner took over in 2000, it’s full of fruit and gentle spice, and its easy-drinking nature belies its punchy 55.1% ABV.

  • Core Flavour

    Spiced Apples and Custard
  • Cask details

    4 Bourbon Casks from the 1990s
  • Strength

  • Distillery

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Tasting notes

  • Nose

    Sweet vanilla, spring meadows and orchard fruit – apples and pears. Baked apple notes build, especially with water.
  • Palate

    Thick caramel and more vanilla – thin custard, with a sprinkle of nutmeg. Fruit comes out as well, especially with water.
  • Finish

    More baked apples, with zingy spice fading to barley sugar.